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Here's a clip from Bravo's newest scripted series Imposters, scored by The Wellspring.

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In addition to score, The Wellspring writes original songs for the series, like the two in this clip: "Just Love" and "Leaving For Good"

"...a well-wrought, piquant and subtle music score by The Wellspring is a definite plus." - Film Journal International

After premiering at Tribeca, the comedy feature Talia and Dov scored, 'Slow Learners,' was picked up by IFC and shown in select theaters.  It is now available on Netflix and iTunes.

Clip from the opening of SLOW LEARNERS as Jeff braves a disastrous first date while Anne is diagnosed as "clinically abstinent". 

And a little romance goes a long way:


The Wellspring duo has fallen in love with composing for film and TV and the vastly different approach to writing music to picture versus the lyrics of their songwriting. Talia, having a background in film as a director and producer, found composing to be a wonderful marriage of her two passions of film and music.  She and Dov enjoy the wide range of musical styles they're able to explore in composing for different characters, genres, and themes. 

The Wellspring's first feature film, COFFEE TOWN, aired on HBO and Cinemax.  Here are some clips from their debut score:

The Coffee Town theme music (revisted in various other styles throughout the film)

A "big band" sound for Chad's character (Steve Little).

Dov and Talia composed a concept album of instrumental music, THE CALENDAR ALBUM.  There's a track for every month of the year.  Here's a 2 minute teaser video and Soundcloud player below of all 12 themes:

Preview some of the full tracks below:

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